photo: Berlinale (private, 2017)
photo: Berlinale (private, 2017)

General infos

Hello! I appreciate your interest in getting to know me better.

So that you don't have to wait long for torture, here are the hard facts:

name: Franziska Grotzke


first name: Franzi


pseudonym: Francis Fox


age: 33


residence: Hamburg, Germany


working years: 15


previous jobs: legal assistant, team secretary, finance operations manager (fraud), assistant service center manager, media assistant

marital status: unmarried, but live together with my lovely partner Markus


siblings: 1 sister, 7 years older, also lives in Hamburg


hobbies/interests: cineaste, musician, interested in literature and culture, sports, travelling

Now that you have a rough overview, here are a few lines about my work so far:


I left my homeland Saxony after my Abitur (A level) and moved to Hamburg to train as a legal assistant.

For almost 7 years I practiced this profession and noticed that this was not the fulfilment of my professional life.

So I started to study part-time and also found a new job as a team secretary at a company specializing in nanotechnology. 2 years later I received my diploma in "Music Business Management".

I applied for a job at a large European company known in the music industry. After the end of my fixed-term employment I traveled to Australia for 3 months.

After my return, I quickly found employment as an assistant in an insurance company. Currently I work for a personnel marketing agency as a media assistant and am a part-time freelance writer for scripts and short stories.

I am currently writing a series with a colleague and writing my first script idea.