photo: Berlinale 2017, FF 02/17
photo: Berlinale 2017, FF 02/17

Dreams and thoughts know no bounds.

(German proverb)

Creativity frees - writing helps!


and series increasingly influence the lives of many people.
I am one of them.

Early I found my way to the cinemas in my small hometown. Hardly a week passed without going to the cinema at least once. Even today, not much has changed.

However, the film landscape has changed a lot. Remakes and book adaptations dominate the current market. I find that destructive and unimaginative.

I therefore decided to become a screenwriter in order to revive the diversity of stories. This site was created to publish and sell my creative works, such as short stories, scripts and guidebooks.


I am firmly convinced that not all stories have been told yet.

You can praise, criticize and make suggestions at any time via contact form, the comment function or by email.